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Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry

Celestite Cluster

Celestite Cluster

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Celestite is a delicate blue gemstone known for its celestial appearance. It forms in clusters of crystals and is cherished for its calming energy and connection to higher realms.

Celestite is cherished for its heavenly blue color and its association with angelic realms. It is believed to promote inner peace, harmony, and spiritual connection. Celestite is often used for meditation, dream work, and enhancing communication with spiritual beings.
Hardness: 3-3.5
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Color: Colorless, white, pale blue
Size: 2.24 Inches
Weight: 146.4 Grams
Location: Madagascar
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(Catalyst Crystals & Jewelry carries natural gemstones from the earth. For this reason, even though each piece is similar, not all items are the exact same. Gemstones may slightly vary in size, color, and shape.)



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