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Black Tourmaline Specimen Small

Black Tourmaline Specimen Small

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Black tourmaline can be found worldwide and is also known as "schorl". Schorl is one of the more common varieties of tourmaline but that doesn't mean it's any less special. Being opaque it still displays a bright and shiny luster and can form very large single crystals.
Black Tourmaline is revered for its protective and grounding properties. It is believed to repel negative energies, promote emotional stability, and enhance spiritual grounding. Black Tourmaline is cherished for its ability to create a protective shield around its bearer.
This is sold as a 1.5 kg lot. 
Hardness: 7-7.5
Crystal System: Trigonal
Color: Black
Luster: Vitreous to sub-metallic
Size: 1 - 2 Inches
Weight: 25 - 75 Grams per piece
Location: Brazil
(Catalyst Crystals & Jewelry carries natural gemstones from the earth. For this reason, even though each piece is similar, not all items are the exact same. Gemstones may slightly vary in size, color, and shape.)



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