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Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry

Andamooka Opal Cabochon Round 17.5mm x 16mm

Andamooka Opal Cabochon Round 17.5mm x 16mm

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Opal is a captivating gemstone known for its vibrant play of colors, referred to as opalescence. It can exhibit a variety of hues and patterns, making it a highly sought-after and cherished gem.
Opal is revered for its captivating and iridescent beauty. It is associated with inspiration, creativity, and emotional healing. Opal is believed to enhance intuition, stimulate imagination, and bring joy and harmony into one's life.
Hardness: 5.5-6.5
Crystal System: Amorphous
Color: Varies greatly, including white, black, blue, green, pink, and yellow, with play of color or fire
Luster: Sub-vitreous to resinous
Cut: Oval
Size: 17.5 x 16.5mm x 4mm
Weight: 1.37 Grams
Location: Andamooka, Australia 
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(Catalyst Crystals & Jewelry carries natural gemstones from the earth. For this reason, even though each piece is similar, not all items are the exact same. Gemstones may slightly vary in size, color, and shape.)



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